Ethereum için Güncel Fiyat = $4,112.03.

1 ETH Kaç Lira  1 Ethereum Kaç Lira 1 ETH Kaç Dolar  1 Ethereum Kaç Dolar  

Ethereum Güncel fiyatı : $4,112.03 Bugünkü Piyasa Değeri : $486.17 B. Son 24 Saatklik değişimi : 7.50% yukarı

Alış-satış Ethereum

  • ethereum
    Ethereum (ETH)
  • Canlı Fiyat
  • 24s %
  • Piyasa Değeri
    $486.17 B
  • Hacim
    $21.22 B
  • Mevcut Tedarik
    118.01 M ETH
  • Rütbe

Price Chart / Ethereum Fiyat Grafiği

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Markets / Exchanges / Ethereum İşlem Gören Borsalar

# Borsa Çift Fiyat Hacim (24 saat) Güncelleme

Technical Analysis / Ethereum Teknik Analiz



Historical Data / Ethereum İşlem geçmişi

Tarih Fiyat Hacim Piyasa Değeri


Twitter Haber Akışı

Here is the video of my AMA at #ETHOnline. I touched on the EF/Ethereum vision, the past 3 years, what I wanted to achieve, what's not working, and more! (+ a hint for the Devcon announcement🙊)

Headed to @0xliscon?? Grantee popups at the EF booth: @ethStaker from 10am-12pm and @nethermindeth from 1-3pm. Stop by, say hi and learn more about the awesome work they do!

🚨 Eth Stakers: Don't forget to update your staking client! Otherwise you will get inactivity penalties.

Update no later than *Oct 25* to be safe.

Signal boost 🙏

@sigp_io @prylabs @Teku_ConsenSys @ethnimbus
@dannyryan @superphiz @ethStaker @Butta_eth @benjaminion_xyz



“If you run a validator, you must upgrade to continue to follow the mainnet beacon chain. Failure to do so will result in downtime penalties.”

Finalized no. 30

🚨Altair is fast approaching. Upgrade your nodes! 🚨


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