El Salvador’s Bitcoin Holdings Hits 5,690, Valued at $397 Million After Latest Acquisition

El Salvador’s prominent Bitcoiner President Nayib Bukele announced on social media a significant move of transferring $400 million worth of Bitcoins to a cold wallet, which nearly doubled up the country’s known BTC stash.
Expanding Bitcoin Reserves
In a recent strategic move, El Salvador has fortified its stand-hold in the world of crypto and Bitcoin reserves by transferring an enormous amount of Bitcoin into a cold wallet.

President Nayib Bukele disclosed the gain on X, announcing, “We’ve decided to transfer a big chunk of our Bitcoin to a cold wallet and store that cold wallet in a physical vault within our national territory. You can call it our first #Bitcoin piggy bank. It’s not much, but it’s honest work.”

Termed as El Salvador’s “first #Bitcoin piggy bank,” the cold wallet securely stores an astonishing sum of $411 million worth of 5,689 Bitcoins within El Salvador’s national territory.
Nayib Bukele taking the moment to flex the Bitcoin holdings with a snap of the wallet, shows that El Salvador’s Bitcoin holdings had increased significantly to a storming 5689 Bitcoins from the previous holding of 3000 Bitcoins only, valued at less than $205 million as of Thursday.
El Salvador’s Bitcoin acquisitions were made through a series of meticulous multisig authorisational transfers, ensuring security and efficiency.
Transparent Approach
President Bukele’s announcement on social media provides a transparent insight into El Salvador’s Bitcoin acquisition strategy. Bukele aims to enhance transparency and accountability in managing the country’s digital assets by associating the nation’s holdings with a specific wallet address.
Furthermore, the President also highlights that their method of collecting Bitcoins is transparent because the country takes Bitcoins in return for selling passports, from minings, through government services, and business currency conversions.
Community Reaction
Bitcoin acquisitions by El Salvador and its announcement by its President have garnered worldwide attention. Following the announcement of the acquisition of X, Bitcoiners around the world have shown appreciation to the Central American country by sending donations to the wallet address shown in the attached snap.
Some notable donations made to the country’s wallet include “rare sats” and Ordinals, along with BRC-20 tokens, text inscriptions, images, and historical artefacts like the “Cypherpunk Manifesto.”
The great influx of contributions made by local people shows the enthusiasm and generosity of the crypto community towards El Salvador’s Bitcoin agenda.
El Salvador’s significant Bitcoin transfer to a cold wallet is a bold step towards enhancing the nation’s digital asset reserves and fostering greater financial sovereignty in the digital age.